Texture Problems

I know that you need to do something special to get the textures to work when you press “P” but what is it.
I need to know the quickest and simple way to show the sky and object textures as well (or as close) to normal rendering.

To render the materials or show textures in the viewport? Pkey is for separating part of a mesh in edit mode. You need to go to the render settings and enable materials and sky there. The sky settings can be found in the 3rd tab of the properties panel. To show textures in 3d view you need to turn on GLSL and have “texturesolid” on (press nkey in viewport to view those settings). Note that if you are using render layers you may need to change settings for them on an individual basis.

Edit: If you are painting you may need to add a new uv map. The name of the tab escapes me at the moment, but the icon is 3 connected dots, and there is a tab there that let’s you add more maps to a model. When adding a map go to your textures tab and change the mapping to use the new map.

You can find this in the blender doc http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Manual/Textures/Painting

It’s from 2.49 but still relevant.

When I said press “P” I meant on object mode to test my game.
And when you say render settings, were are those? Thes ones on the properties editing tab?

In that case I am not experienced with the game engine and can’t help much if this requires a engine specific answer. The render settings are for making animation and still images using the active camera in the 3D editor. It’s the first tab on the properties panel in default view, and uses a camera icon. If you are not familular with it I suggest finding a tutorial as it is a fundamental part of the Blender basics.

Edit: sorry about the confusion, I opened this thread from the new post section and didn’t see the category as it was to far across the page to view on my mobile web browser.

Oops I forgot that those were the render settings.
Anyway I think you have to use UVmapping to get textures to work on the game engine I just dont know the exact details.

Dont worry its fine.

Hi again, heres a more in-depth problem of mine.

Pic1 -shows defalut Blender.
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Pic2 -shows selected cube in edit mode.
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Pic3 -shows the UV editor after Ive unwraped the cube in edit mode using “P”.
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Pic4 -from here I pressed “image” then “open” to insert my image.
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Pic5 -shows my texture on the cube in the way I want it.(on texture veiwport shading)
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Pic6 - Shows the objects material. Empty.
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Pic7 - shows the only way I know how to get a texture onto my objects material. Which (when I use this way) causes the textures not to show up when I play my game.
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Pic8 - Shows my game when I press “P”.
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