Texture programs

Ever since I found Blender I’ve been really involved in computer software. I want to know excluding Dogwaffle and Spiral Graphics Genetica. Is there any other program that doesn’t cost a lot of money (makes at least textures). Genetica is very good but it is $399.99 just to buy one. That is too rich for my blood. Dogwaffle is a free program but I haven’t got the time to totally learn it; Dogwaffle is free but its v1.2 it cost a little lass than $100. Oh yeah one more thing I already have Wood Workshop but I really need something better (making textures in blender is still challenging to me).

Gentica: http://www.spiralgraphics.biz
Dogwaffle: http://ww.thebest3d.com

This sounds blatently obvious, but often real textures are the best ones. If you have a decent digital camera, you can use programs like this <http://www.seamlesstexturegenerator.com/> one to make seamless textures. It might take a bit of work to find what you want, but in the end it will probably be faster and look better than something totally computer generated. And it is only $25:).

Gimp and Inkscape is pretty good and they are free too. But you will get the best textures if you do the texture from a photo basis.

I have been using TextureMaker for awhile, and once you get the hang of it, it really makes awesome textures, and has alot of flexibility. plus the new version just came out. pressure sensitivity, image pipes that can randomly change rotation and scale and stuff, and brushes for normals and stuff. anyway, i don’t have the new version, but i’ve been following it’s progress, and the old version is totally kickass anyway imo, and it can make seamless caustic anims, and particle effects and stuff too. i wish the particle system was a bit more powerful, but it’s really good for making fires I find. I think it’s about 100 bucks, or around that. Also it does batch processing, and I use it for regular post processing stuff all the time, and it’s loaded with killer filters and stuff.

Deep Paint is also good, and freeware (as of last year).


Genetica Pro is 399.00 too much for me also. But Genetica standard 129.00 I think is well worth it, and wood workshop by spiral graphics is free.

Best of Luck!!


Hey thanks for helping me but it’ll be awhile before I can buy one right now I need to purchase a new computer to handle all my programs. So please feel free to post some more. From what I can see even just 2D programs that allow full creativity are very hard to find. One question though does any one know if Unity is compatable with Blender.


I haven’t gotten to the game engine yet but this game engine is very powerful from what I can see.

you do realize you can create standalone games right from blender right? why not just use blender game engine instead?

Yes. You can currently export static meshes and textures to Unity a number of different ways, but not skinned animations (yet). Search here for the “Collada Blender” project. When completed, you’ll be able to export character animation etc. to Unity via a Collada file.

I’ve done a number of projects with the Blender GE and have just started using Unity. The Blender GE is amazingly good for it’s price, but Unity is more complete and probably easier to use in the long run. It’s nice to have both!

Thanks thats really helpful to me I’ve haven’t gotten that far in Blender though I’m still learning to model. I just starting to get into animation but I’ve got quite a ways to go before I move onto the game engine. The reason I want to use Unity is because Blender’s game engine isn’t developed enough for commericial gaming. Using Unity I hope to make my own video game (at least I’ll try to; I’ve yet to learn C++ language but know a little bit) for Sony, Nintendo, etc. Oh yeah do you need to add a C++ complier to Blender and if you do how?

BlenderGE don’t use C++ but it uses python scripting instead. Unity do looks quite neat. I don’t want to discourage you, but you do look confuse. Have you ever build anything that is similar to a full game scale?

Start one step at a time, use anything you got first. Even using authoring tool which only needs a little scripting would take alot of effort even for a small game.

here’s a good reading for a start
meant for TC but it’s applicable for standalone games too I think.

Thanks a lot but I’m not ready to make a game just yet there still things in blender that are very hard for me to do. I still struggle with surfaces, empty(whatever it does), Meta, particles, etc. Before I can think about making a game I do need to learn some more stuff but hey you guys have been a help because I don’t want to buy a game engine that is not compattible with Blender. I know though that at the rate I’m going it won’t be long before I get into the game engine. Oh yeah does anybody know if you can sell your games on the Internet? Or even how to upload it(includes putting up company pictures)?

P.S. If anyone still replys to this I won’t see it for a week because I’ll be on vacation,

Yes, you can sell games on the net. You could give them a demo free and if they like what they see then they can buy the full game. The best thing to do is to buy a domain and upload stuff to it but as a start you can put up everything on a free host like Freewebs (to put up the site) and then http://pages.google.com (googlepages) to host the pictures and games (they offer much storage and you can always do multiple accounts if you need more, though I’m not sure if you’re allowed to have multiple accounts).

I’m not talking about commericial games but the small little games you put on the internet. You know the games that you sell to internet sites so people visit their website.

Just want to clarify your question Company2…

Do you mean a game for people to download and play off line, or a game that runs within a webpage?

On both cases, the answer is yes, and there’s plenty of advice on this forum regarding how to do this.

My best advice at this point is: put aside the game idea for the moment.

I’ve haven’t gotten that far in Blender though I’m still learning to model.

Get the basics behind you - Model some stuff - post renders and animations here and read the advice that the community gives (It’s incredible helpful!) Learn about lighting and texturing (Especially UV mapping!!)

THEN start having a look at the game engine once you’re sure you can create the environment and elements that the game warrants.

Good luck and happy blending. Keep posting. There’s a lot if information here, so don’t forget that searching the forum usually will answer a question faster that re-asking it!

Thanks everyone for your help I greatly appreciate you giving me advice because I’m still trying to learn stuff. Good luck with blender especially to me because I need it. I’ll probably post more things on software later but for now I’ll learn blender.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: