Texture Question: Dif between Obj, Data

What I was wondering is what the difference between Data and Object in the materials panel?

All things in Blender are data bocks. So in this case, the material panel, the material itself is a datablock. But, as you may know, a material can be applied to multiple objects. And the material may also be applied to either the object or the mesh of an object. That is what the OB/ME buttons are for. By default, Blender applies materials to the mesh of an object. But you may want to share the mesh, for memory reasons, but still have multiple copies in the scene and have them be different colors. That is when you would use the OB option of a material.

You may want to read the docs a bit more or try some tutorials.

Thanks that helps a bit And BTW I was referring to Blender 2.5 A0