Texture Question

I UV mapped a glass and loaded a .PNG with a logo on it (rest is transparent) but when I go to render it using the internal renderer I can only see it faintly. When I render it with Yafray I don’t see it at all. Cause? Solution?



What is the texture affecting? Color, normals (bump)? If its either of those, try turning up the sliders in the Map To tab in the material buttons. What is the background like through the glass? Maybe the color of the background makes the logo hard to see.

If none of that helps, maybe be a little more specific about the problem and the settings you have.


It’s just an image wrapped around the exterior of the glass. Could high IOR/ray mirror affect it? I didn’t bother with Yafray.


The alpha of the glass will effect the alpha of the texture… unless you tell Blender otherwise. In the Map To tab try clicking the Alpha button. If that doesn’t help, click the Alpha button again and it will turn negative (yellow). Hope this fixes it.

You may also want to make a second PNG. It will be the same image, but the logo will be 100% white and everything else 100% black. Load that in as a second texture and map it the same way and use that as an Alpha map and the original as the color map.


Did you click Alpha in the MapTo tab? If you only UVMapped it then it will have the same Material settings as the glass. Add the same Image as a Material Texture, set it to UV in the MapInput tab and Col nad Alpha in the MapTo.


:o Thanks! Worked great!