Texture randomly replaces other textures...

I textured the walls and floor of the house I’m making… anyways, I then switched from 2.64a to 2.66 and
now my door texture replaces the walls’ and floor’s texture. It looks okay outside of testing mode § but
when I do press P the door texture I made replaces everything else X(

Whats goin’ on here?!? :frowning:

Moguri added a feature that should (If I’m not mistaken) speed up loading time for material conversion, though each texture needs its own material. If you want to use it, give each texture its own material, or turn off material caching in the render menu under the system section. Since each texture needs its own material in GLSL mode, you should probably leave it on for that mode.

:S I think I’m gonna go back to 2.64… can someone tell me if
the Character physics is in 64… it’s pretty awesome XD

I thought the logs mention that the material cache could potentially cause issues with single-texture and multi-texture mode. It could be that this is the case here, and that you just need to go into the render context and turn it off.

it seems to be doing it with 2.5->2.66 GLSL projects. Also if you have a material with 2 uv channels and 1 color texture in first layer and ambient occlusion in second layer sometimes if you untick the first layer the ambient occlused defaults to the color UV coords.

Looking back on a lot of my projects ive opened with 2.66 and tried to create has had issues with messed up Coord’s, Always with the 2nd Texture layer coords defaulting to the first Coords.

Its hard to recreate but i know its a bug somewhere. “Use material Caching” unticking and selecting different storage does nothing.

Perfect Example try opening Martinsh bathroom demo.

Its a texture nightmare.

Oh yeh Textures render correctly fine in viewport but on play is where things mess up.



reported here.

And fixed here.

It’s not often I see this many BGE bugs fixed in one day, perhaps Moguri managed to acquire a fair bit of spare time that he’s using to work on the BGE. Either way it’s reassuring to know that BGE bugs are being looked at and fixed. :slight_smile:

Its fixed now. :slight_smile:
Edit: thats fast.

Wow thats incredible.


This is why i love blender.

ahh…having the same issue here,i will just shut down material cache…

I switched back to 2.64 :l
Unless something HUGE comes out in the next versions, I’m stickin with this one. Changing always screws up
my games :frowning:
Also, I don’t like how the logic bricks look… they seem smaller or something :confused:

i downloaded a fixed build from: http://builder.blender.org/download/

im having no more texture issues. only issue now is old files from 2.5 that need there materials replacing, but that’s not too much problem because the texture data remains intact.