Texture Render/Export issues

I have built a few models, textured them, UV mapped them, downloaded the plugins for OgreMesh and OgreScene, but I notice when I export/render my meshes, the textures do not show up. I have 3d modeling experience, but Blender has me stumped. Why aren’t my textures showing up? I don’t have a problem viewing them on the mesh itself. Only upon rendering or exporting.

I’m pretty sure I’m just skipping a step here or something. Can someone fill me in?

I now see the textures when I render, I forgot to have TexFace selected. My textures still do not show up in Ogre after exporting though. Instead they are a solid white… Any help?

Nevermind, solved my own problem.

I had to go into edit mode, select all faces, materials button, add new, then click “texface” for each mesh, in case anyone else has this problem.