Texture render in viewport - not from file but like Type: voronoi etc

Hi there,

Is it not possible to see passes like Type: Voronoi in the viewport?

I know that you have to UV unwrap to see texture from a file.

Thanks in advance


The viewport only shows image texture. Procedural textures you’ll have to bake to an image to see them without rendering.

An alternative is with Cycles.
If you set the render to “Cycles Render” instead of the default “Blender Render” in the top menu header, at the location when you can change the display mode to solid, textured, wireframe, there’s a new entry named “Rendered”.
This “Rendered” display allow you to see even the procedural textures (like Voronoi, etc…) in the viewport, as it is using the Cycles engine to display the viewport then :


Thanks, is there any point system in blenderartists.org forum like stackowerflow?

Thank you for your answer - do blenderartists.org have any point system like on stackoverflow?