Texture repeat

Is there a way to see textures repeat in “texture mode”? Right now it only shows the repeating when I render :frowning:
I want this so that it will be easier for me to see the end result, since what I’m doing won’t be rendered but is a level for a game/demo I’m making.
Anyways thanks for any help :=)

To see the texture, you could use the Shift-P preview window in object mode, and move it around/ scale it out to see any area you want to check. You could then rescale your texture setting and see the effect it has on your texture.
I usually see enough of it in the material window to gauge it, but this might work for you.

I can see the texture but just not the repeating/tiling… But anyhow, so you’re saying there’s no way to see a tiled texture in blender except in some slow preview??? :eek:


If you are using blender materials and a tiling texture for the game engine, what happens when you press ‘P’ to enter the game engine? Does the texture appear in the game engine to begin with?
I thought that the optimal use of texture in the game engine was to UV Unwrap and apply textures with the UV’s.
I mean, for clarification, if it is to be used for BGE, then starting the BGE would be the quickest preview, right?

If you want , maybe you should look into the baking functions once you get the tiling worked out, then you would be able to keep it in place easier.

And sorry, I don’t use the BGE yet - I’m still working on things to make stills with, and small video elements.:smiley: