Texture replace: Is this a bug or expected behavior?

Hello, while messing with texture replacement(the usual Video.Texture method) I noticed something; let me explain:

1 - object being messed with had originally a texture named ‘void_tex.png’

2 - object receives a texture replacing the above one called ‘boots2.png’(this step isn’t important, I checked)

2 - I know this was wrong(and already fixed it), but later at the code this object received the same texture(same name/source file) at the same place(material > texture_slot) of the previous one(the void_tex.png).

3 - Later this new texture object(void_tex.png) variable is deleted, leading to the new texture being deleted for good

4 - Any further texture replacement at the same object, material and texture slot will result in horrible results(messed uv’s/texture presentation) unless the “void_tex.png” texture is the one to replace that material > texture slot.

5 - Console prints show which the texture address previously used to host that ‘boots2.png’(and later freed by texture variable removal), appears a loot of time later exactly at the problem time(after a texture replacement), thought hosting another texture.

I think this is might due to the fact there was already the texture at the object(with a name) in the beginning of the history above, later another texture with the same name/source file is put in the same place, and when this new(with the same name) texture is deleted, the original texture is removed too(as both had the same name/source file), leading to a very strange situation.

In fact what is most important for me to know, is if someone has seen this behavior there before, then, if this is an expected behavior or a bug I should report?