texture resolution

I was wondering if I could get some recommendations as to what resolution/color depth is good for working with textures.

I’d like to be able output this model to TV resolution eventually, if I ever get around to doing any test animations.

I would also like to be able to output nice 8x10 prints.


for the 8 x 10, multiply each number by say 300 (which is a fair print resolution) to get 2400 x 3000

Sorry not up on resolutions for tv.

Blender already have resolution presets for both TV formats (NTSC and PAL). You can select them in the Scene settings (F10).


I’m sorry I was not clear.

I was wondering about the resoluton and the color depth for the textures on my model, not the size of the render.

oh!, I would work as high as your computer will comfortably allow you to.
At least 300 dpi.

The rule is that a pixel in a texture (texel) should be no bigger than one pixel in the output. So it depends on your scene: foreground objects have bigger textures and background objects smaller.

For good results, calculate approximatly 1 pixel of the texture or more per pixel of rendering. If your texture takes half of the space in both direction in a 1024 x 768 render, than a good resolution for a texture would be 512 x 384 or more.


That all make perfect sense. Thanks.