Texture should follow mesh/reference

Hello everybody,
I am trying to add a texture to an already existing mesh. The mesh is a road with a corner. The road texture I want to use should follow the way of the road, or even better follow a reference line in the mesh.
What makes it a bit difficult is the fact, that the mesh consists of triangels instead of squares. So using the “follow active quad” plugin is not possible I think :frowning: . I found a YT video, where someone is doing exactly what I want, but with 3DS max.

If somebody knows how this is possible with blender, or if there is an addon which could help, I would be really happy :slight_smile:
Please find attached two pictures, which show my mesh and texture.

pic 1: mesh with desired reference line pic 2: road texture

Best Regards, Nico

Could use live unwrap, pinning and align functions in the UV/image editor to have it straightened and then align better if needed.


you can also quadrangulate the mesh before trying the unwrap. I think the operator would work on that particular mesh (it’s very regular).

Thank you guys :slight_smile: Both helped me. Quadrangulating the mesh was really helpful. So I was able to use the follow active quad method. Also the UV squares plugin was working well now for straighten up the mesh.
But what if I want to make the texture following an “alternative route”. For instance I have a reference spline which has a slightly different way to the road mesh. What can I do, that the texture of the road follows that reference?
At the picture attached you see the road, and the desired way for the texture.

I think what I am looking for is an equivalent to the “spline mapping” function from 3DSmax…