texture showing up black


ime wanting to put a texture on a background. ive unwrapped, assijned texture to the material and put in my texture node. but it just shows up as a black plain when i render. when i preview render it shows up ok but real render not.

hier is blend filewhy does texture show up black.blend (10.4 MB)


Your camera’s far clipping plane is not set far enough to include the objects. Try looking through the camera (numpad 0) and adjusting it’s End value for clipping.

hallo martinZ

thank you for quick reply. Can you explain how i can change the clipping view. i changed units to KM and put the end clipping as 5Km but still i just get a black render. see image maybe im doing it wrong.

You are looking at the settings for the viewport. The rendered image is viewed through the camera, not the viewport so you need to adjust tje setting for the camera. There is no need to set them to ridiculous amounts as you might experience other problems then. You can just slide it interactively while looking through the camera until it’s enough with some room for what you might need in the future in that scene.

thank you very much. i have learnt again. it is solved.