Texture Size Issues

I have one texture and two objects that are about the same distance from the camera.
the problem is the texture size is different on the objects.

The question: Is there a way to keep the texture size consistant on different objects



Your texture is stretching or shrinking based on the size of the mesh. You can either adjust the size of your uv layouts (if you uv mapped the textures) so that they aproximately match each other, or if you loaded them as image textures you can adjust their scale on the Map Input tab in the materials buttons via the sizeX, Y, & Z fields. Values above 1 shrink the image and values below 1 enlarge it. You must make the textures single users in the texture buttons in order to adjust the size on a per object basis. Just click the little number beside the texture’s name in the textures buttons (F6) to make single user. The number of users is also listed on the map inpt tab in the materials buttons, but you can not make textures single users from there.
Also be sure to turn off mimaps if you loaded them as an image texture via the texture buttons.