Texture size problem

Howcome material(texture) size changes when I scale objects?

Suppose you have a plane and you make a huge field out of it and apply texture - now all the small sand grains on the texture are scaled up and become huge crystals - not what I want.

Any simple way to keep tabs on the material / texture size?

If it’s procedural you should either lower the noise size or change the coordinates from Orco to Global. Because Orco orients and scales the texture to the local coordinates and scale and Global uses the global coordinates.

Changing it from Orco to Global will work for image textures too.

Well noise size cannot be changed (and that would destroy the material settings, thats not a ok solution IMO).

Its 0.002 and the huge field with the asphalt texture (the parking lot) has asphalt ganules the size of a SUV!

I did manage to get it working, not sure if it was turning off the ‘AuToTexSpace’ (under F9). Or going to ‘object’ mapping from global (or was it orco originally).

Still confused.

Whats the AutoTexSpace?
How does Blenda scale the textures up and down?

Thats kinda funny notion anyway I mean suppose you have sand, the sand grains do not scale up with the beach size going up! :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually just keep the auto tex space on.

Orco coordinates in Blender will rotate and scale the texture to the coordinates of the mesh.

Global coordinates will orient the texture to the global coordinates and won’t scale up when you scale up the object.

when you scale up your mesh, Map Input xsize, ysize and zsize tells blender how many copies of the texture to spread across the surface. If the texture looks good with xsize = 1, then you scale the mesh to twice the x dimension, if you increase xsize = 2 you’ll get the same effect. Otherwise, as you’ve noticed, the ‘single serving’ of texture is spread out to cover the new dimension of the object.

If you want to keep the Orco coordinates i’d recommend the size buttons Orinoco pointed out. No need to change noise size or anything.

But for things like planes or if there’s no need for alignment with mesh direction then setting it to global is just easier.