Texture size tracking and modifier?

I was wondering if there were any tools like 3D MAX, that can help track and reset the texture scale before rendering the scene.
I often find my scene is too heave like 8G ram using. And even though I use simplify function in rendering setting, but the setting is uniform to all texture rather than a specific texture.

I made a little add-on that lets you set the texture size for the currently selected material. You can always go back to a higher scale without losing quality. In any case it makes no sense to have such big textures because most of the time you won’t see all the detail from the position you’re rendering. What you need is a level of detail that sets different resolutions depending on the distance of the object that has the texture on it, similar to to having different versions of the model (subsurf levels, low vs. high poly)

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Thanks mate! that should help.
I am gonna check it right now!

Let me know if you get along with the Addon, just published it today

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How lucky am i!
Sure, i will let you know!

I love it!
With few clicks, it killed few gigabytes!

Happy it helped

Any plan on more functions?
like having all material in a panel and ordered by texture size so that we can know where those huge texture locate rather than select object by object?

You can click on any scene object, like camera or an empty, to get all textures in the scene. Then select the texture and let the Addon give you all the materials that use this texture (select material by texture)

I’m writing a wiki page for more documentation.

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Thanks, i just test it out!

The texture panel comes with a filter option for the name, maybe I could use it for sorting of sizes. Also I’m going to ad a better formatting for the size

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Published the whole tool for free and there’s another add-on included that generates live a preview in web