Texture Size

Is there a script to UV export a models 'UV Unwaped" by the size it is in-blender? In the UV menu you can only export the object with a selected size of your choice which will make the detail of all models different.


Could you be more precise, please?!

I think he means textures that are relative to their size in Blender. If a character model is encompassed in a 512x512 image, then the car he is going to be driving in will be at least 1024x1024 because the car is that much larger than the character. As far as I know I don’t think Blender has that capability, but it would be kind of cool to see. But texture sizes could get out of hand for bigger models.

??? Well, you can use a 512x512 for, let’s say, half-front car side and another for half-rear side?! :wink:

thats one of the things its better to do by hand

The idea is simple: The bigger the texture the higher the resolution. For bigger objects, you might want bigger textures. There is no official texture sizes for object sizes, because it’s all relative, it depends on viewing distance and all the rest.

As for textures in general:

It’s a good idea to keep your textures square, with the dimensions for each axis in pixels a power of two, somewhere between 2 and 4096.

For example,


For the most practical purposes, 64x64 and smaller are pretty much useless nowadays.
Many people here would attack you for using 2048x2048 and higher, however for modern computers, using a single 4096x4096 image for something massive like a ground map for an environment can be very practical.

Anything higher then 4096x4096 is just insane though, so don’t go there unless you have a really cool reason.

Haha sweet thanks for the info!