Texture Sizes and Non-Square Textures

Hi! I’m working on creating some really high resolution materials (8k), and I started thinking about this problem the other day:

Say I want to create a road texture. I could create a square texture like I generally do, but a square section of roadway will have more obvious tiling repetition than a non-square texture (say 16k x 4k). I’ve read that as long as the pixel dimensions remain a power of 2 (256, 512, 1024, etc), you can have non-square textures without extra memory loss or extra CPU/GPU processing required (compared to a non-power of 2 number). Does this work even in extreme cases, meaning that a 32,768 x 2,048 texture would be equivalent to a square 8k, as far as memory and processing goes? And is there a hard texture size limit that exists in Blender, where you simply cannot have a pixel dimension higher than x (regardless of RAM)?

As far as I know, pretty much any GPU nowadays can support non power-of-2 textures and the only thing to note in Blender is that the memory and performance impact of said textures can increase dramatically as you increase the pixel count.

Thanks for the quick reply, Ace! Good to know that current GPUs can handle arbitrary texture sizes these days. I also did a test with some rectangular textures, and they all seemed to require the same amount of memory as a square texture with an equivalent pixel count. It looks like my quandary has been resolved. Thank you!