Texture Stretching

im trying to apply a texture to an almost flat surface, about 3 times as long as it is high. I made an image roughly the same proportions, but when i try applying it to the surface it only uses a small section of it and stretches it along the whole surface. I’ve tried making the picture really skinny, really wide but it always just stretches it out. Any ideas?

Make sure your center point is in the middle of the plane by F9 center new. Add empty. For the material add texture then pick object name of empty above the texture buttons above ORCO. Then by rotating or sizing the empty you can control the texture. Sorry is this is not clear its late and I’m getting foggy brained.

after typing the Empty’s name in the box, you also have to push the Ob button next to it.


Thanks theeth, I left something else out too. After center new make sure the plane is still selected then hit shift s - curs to sel then add the empty. This will place the empty at the center of the plane. Also make sure empty z is perpendicular to plane. Hope this solves the problem. Any questions or if this doesn’t work let us know.

Perhaps you’ve sized the object the opposite (X-Y) direction to the texture you’re applying.

In the material buttons, in the XYZ 3x3 grid try clicking the Y in the first row and the X in the second row.

This should swap the X-Y coordinates around.