Texture Swap question.

so, I want to be able to change textures on a plane during the game.

I have reviewed the Image.Image python module, and BGL.

neither of them allows you to toggle existing texture visibility on an object, and I am confused as to if they allow you to load a texture onto a mesh.

I also see no settings to set the image to UV map ETC.

so how can I change the texture on an object in game?

If you have only a few textures to swap, the replace mesh is best. There’s another method if you have hundreds of objects with dozens of possible textures, but it’s not worth the effort otherwise.
Don’t parent the mesh you want to swap to the armature, only parent a single object and swap the meshes. Mesh data is different from object data so switching meshes don’t have to be parented.

I would like to know this other method, I will eventually have to put in said effort as I have skipped the costume creator of the character designer for lack of time between now and my deadline. but in september I must work on the costume designer which will require hundreds of textures.

so please do enlighten me. and thankyou! :slight_smile: