Texture to entire mesh and not just face...

I just got a small basic question about uv texturing. When I give a sphere a texture it doesn’t give the sphere the texture but each face is giving the texture. Is there a way to make the texture go around the sphere and not go for each face? If you understand what I mean…

Yes there is… check out UV mapping, at the start each face fills out the entire image texture, you have to unwrap it

Guiseppe is right. You have to create “seams” then unwrap the seams in the UV mapping window. Save the image, open the unwrapped map in some sort of editor like GIMP or Photoshop, then paint the faces.
When that is done, you open that image in blender’s UV mapping window and place the image over your unwrapped mesh image. Then when that is applied, you will see it on your mesh when you render it.
Each face with show exactly what you painted in that area.
Here is a tutorial that makes more sense of it;

Thanks alot pal:)