Texture to only part UV ?

I thought I could cheat a bit but got stuck. I’ve made a uv of only part of an object and want to apply a texture to it leaving the rest of the object to use differently. Do I have to unwrap the whole object ? … The image shows what I mean …

You cannot just unwrap part of an object, when you UV unwrap you do so to the whole object.
Why have you the UV output of the texture coordinate node connected to the Fac input of the Mix Shader ? This makes no sense

Supply a clear example (demo blend file as a minimum) of what you are trying to achieve

It’s ok, I’ll take the advice of unwrapping the whole object. Thanks.

You have to unwrap the whole object. However, the unimportant parts of the object doesn’t have to make sense unwrap wise and could even be a garbage singular point. For unwrapping a book I would unwrap all to view, select all in UV editor and scale it to a point or something, then unwrap again to view on the the page you actually want to texture. Then fix if required only that page in UV editor.


  1. Unwrap all to garbage.
  2. Unwrap selected faces to something useful.

When using multiple UVs of a single mesh, I usually scale the unused parts to zero size. Then simply use the appropriate UV for the required texture.