Texture to weight, is it possible?

It’s a trick that would help me a LOT :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any way that I can use a texture (wood, for instance) and convert it to Weight? This would convert the White texture values to red weight (weight=1) and the black texture values to blue weight (weight=0). The rest is simple mathematics.

Is this possible in Blender? It would help me a LOT!!

Thanks in advance, and happy blending!

I am not sure you can do that automatically.

Texture weight has to do with vertex paint. So, ideally you will need vertex mapped out in wood grain line; that is for all grain lines and vertex lines in between grains! You essentially need to do that manually. And so ya, it is possible.

I don’t think this is supported ‘out of the box’, but it should be doable with a script. For a UV mapped texture you will have to decide what to do about seams (weights are just per vertex, but UV textures are per vertex per face).

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