Texture too small

Hi guys, I’ve been struggling with some window texture on the scene below

This is how my UV map is right now. I unwrapped from view (first I went to front ortho view and unwrapped the faces that were seen from that perspective, then I went to the side ortho view and did the same, etc.)

However, it seems that the selected face (see print above) needs to be bigger to get nice texturing. How can I achieve this?
The default UV space doesn’t let me have a lot of space to get nice texturing. Is there a way to make the space bigger or how can I achieve a better texture for this? It looks flat and fake, but I even used normal map and spec map. (see print below)

I only worry about the texture that is showing in the camera space, that is why I didn’t bother with the rest.
Here is my checker grid to check if the textures are stretched.

Higher resolution texture
You can edit the UV points just like in the 3d view, do so to get the best layout and adjust size of different areas of the model accordingly. Currently a huge proportion of the space is not being used.
If you have a tiling texture you can have the UV points extend outside the UV space. The texture will by default tile itself
Your checker grid is different sizes for different parts of your model. If you are using the same base texture it will appear a different size when it should be consistent across the object. You can use the ‘Average Island Scale’ option in the UVs menu to of the image editor to make them all the save scale.