Texture transparency problem

When I press play in the blender game engine, if an object has z transparency alpha set to zero and the material has alpha set to one, most of the texture shows through like an X-ray sort of effect, can anyone help?

Hm… quick like that, are you using GLSL has material mode and maybe your normals are inverted. Ctrl-N in edit mode to recalculate them. If it is not working, please send the Blend file and I’ll take a deeper look.

Hi I’m using GLSL Materials, the blend file would not upload and neither would a picture sorry,
the normals are all the right way round and I have tried inverting
them but that just looks the same only inside out thanks for your reply!

Upload the blend file to www.pasteall.org/blend/ and paste the link to to it here ;). Then Guillaume or i will figure it out.

Ok here is an example!


I have taken a look and honestly, I couldn’t explain you what is happening here… However, I have found a solution to the problem! If you open the scene in 2.6, in the material tab you should find, under game settings, a drop down menu called “Alpha Blend”. Set it to alpha sort and it should solve the problem. Alpha clip also seems to solve the problem.

Ha ha, its quite bizarre isn’t it, alpha sort worked for the example blend but not for the thing I’m working on, but alpha clip worked perfectly! thanks