Texture Troubles

(CharlieB) #1

I know this sounds absolutely idiotic but:

I followed one of those newbie tutorials on how to use Blender.
I created the texture fine, but I couldn’t figure out how to apply it to my Mesh! I used to work in 3ds max 4 when I decided that having an illegal copy was just wrong. So Blender is an Alien world to me.

Any screenshots of what buttons to push or the procedure would be great but text will be fine too.


(slikdigit) #2

I don’t know if you can create a texture independant from ‘some’ object. If you had your mesh selected at the time, created a material and a texture, then you have applied it to your mesh. To apply additional textures to the mesh, just click on an empty texture slot, select the new texture and fiddle with the buttons till its the way you want.
If your problem is with UV textures not rendering, you have to click on the ‘texface’ button under the color buttons in the material window so it takes its colors from the UV image map instead of the material color. alternately, you could add ‘image’ texture/s in the texture slot, and make them affect color/bump/spec/alpha/etc. in the material window- just use ‘UV’ for the mapping type.
I hope I’m not just being confusing.

(humphrey) #3

Have a look for some texturing tutorials…
There’s a list of tuts up the top of the topic list…
I’d take some screenshots and stuff ot show you, but it would be stupid of me to write something someone has already writen

Have a look at:
try the tutorial on textues and materials…

It explains most of it.

(VelikM) #4

I have a materials tutorial here: http://www.michaelv.f2s.com/tutorials.html and another here: http://www.alaskalights.com/blender/pages/Blender_Tutorials.html

(CharlieB) #5

Thanks guys!
Your links were most helpful!

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