texture two side of a plane with different textures

Hi all

Another question, and i am sure the answer is easy but I want to texture both sides of a plane with a different texture, but I cant seem to get it to work and I have searched for a tutorial or help in the forum but to no avail.
must be so easy every on knows already.


Make 2 planes back to back :slight_smile: You can’t add 2 seperate textures to the same face.

I think if you are wanting to have the inside and outside of a more complex object different colours you would need to duplicate the object, scale it down a touch and reverse it’s normals.

Try with a plane. Make the plane, texture. Duplicate this plane but don’t move it. Go into editmode and flip the normal of the duplicated plane. Now texture it with a different texture. I don’t recommend scaling because often you get intersection where you don’t want it.