Texture Unpacking Problem


I am having a problem with blender I can’t seem to work around. I am making a game and use blender for most of the work. However for the final rendering I use Unity 3D. I have a blend file with all my textures packed into it. My laptop was currently stolen and all my original asset files were on it! (I have learned my lesson haha I bought a 320Gb WD btw)

The problem is Unity needs all the textures to be manually assigned within it’s editor, even if they were already applied in blender. For some reason all my textures (in unity) are just shades of grey. So I am trying to export all my textures in my scene.

In the UV Image Editor window I can view from a list of all 450+ textures in the project. I can even export them individually. However when I try to unpack them all at once I only get around 150 textures.

Please tell me your thoughts on this.


P.S. I did search the forums for an answer and I do apologize in advance if this has already been addressed in a previous post.