Texture Unwrapping Help

Hello, all! I am Scifiknux, a newbie to these forums.

I’ve recently learned to use Blender due to the fact that the game I’m developing is most compatible with Blender models. The odd thing is is that I’m making maps in Blender. I’ve finally made a pretty good map, but I need to unwrap the texture to make the map look pretty. There’s no way I could do it in Blender-- way too large/complex! It’d take forever! I was looking into Zbrush and Ptex before, and both of those seemed interesting. Does anyone know how to make Ptex compatible with Blender? Or does anyone know of any good software that would do the same sort of thing?

(I have both a Mac and a PC, but I want to try to stay on the Mac, so if there’s any good Mac software, that’d be best.)

Thank you all for your time :smiley:

How to make blender compatible with PTex? You’ll have to learn computer programing.
3DCoat has ptex functionality.
When you mean unwrap the texture, I assume you mean UV unwrapping. In zbrush you can polypaint directly on your model but to actually get the texture out in any form you’ll still have to UV unwrap your model.

Okay… so I actually do have to UV Unwrap my map? Is there any program that automatically does it, then lets me edit it? Or will 3D Coat let me export the texture? Basically all I’m looking for is a way to get a texture on a large model without too much work.

use the lightmap unwrap option in blender. That should be easy enough: each face is separated.