Texture with Alpha connected to only Base Color "Material Preview" turns model into alpha color only


I’m new to blender and I’ve been getting to know this lovely piece of software over the last couple of days and it’s pretty darn awesome. I do try my best to google around and search the forum to get a better understanding on how things work but sometimes you run into things that are a bit hard to find info on, so it’s easier to ask. :slight_smile:

So I’m making this game asset and we’re using the alpha channel of the texture for something totally different and I still want to preview my texture on the model inside of Blender. But if I save the texture as a 32-bit TGA and load it in Blender the model only shows the alpha texture when I connect texture Color to material Base Color. I would assume that “Color” from the texture node would only send the RGB values to the material since there’s a separate “Alpha” socket on the texture node. This is what it looks like:

And if I take the Alpha socket on the texture node and connect it to whatever socket on the material node it looks like it should:

I’m well aware of the workaround I’ve discovered but I’m more curious about if I can avoid this workaround?

Thanks for reading!