Texture won´t show up in Cycles

Hey Guys,

I just created a bunch of textures for my objects and a lightning setup including a spotlight and 2 diffusors, but unfortunately I can´t see my texture. The object only shows up in white. Here are 2 Screenshots how the texture should look and how it looks in Cycles:

My texture is divided in 2 node groups (one is a normal map with a metal texture and the other one simulating metal with it´s reflection, shades…):
Screenshot 2021-02-09 143402
Screenshot 2021-02-09 143623

Thanks a ton for your help!

Happy modeling :slight_smile:

The easiest would be to have the file for testing but let me guess…
Do you have a duplicated object without textures? Have you tested a real render with f12?
Reapply the material to a different object and see if it works?

Try it in a new file?

There are no visibility options for materials other than in the node editor you can set it for the render engine…