Texture wont show in render..

So I’m trying to model some realistic eyes, and have come so far as to have the eyeball and the iris. The iris I have textured, but it won’t show when rendered.

How can I make it textured in rendered also?

Heres the pics, when rendered and not:


Ok, so the last picture wasn’t supposed to come along… :stuck_out_tongue:

Insufficient data supplied. Please include a link to your .blend file. Ensure you pack all textures in your blend file before saving

Uhm, how do I do that?

Pack all textures using the File / External Data menu, then save your file.
Upload to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ and tell us the download link

Okey, so I tried but didnt understand how to just pack the textures and all of that… So I guess I’ll just have to start over and play with it myself… :slight_smile:

…then save the .blend and upload to pasteall…

There are no lamps in the scene… consider adding in some lights to be able to see your object

I obviously know how to pack it:P it’s just that when I clicked the pack-button, I didn’t understand what to do next? Do I save the whole project and upload that? WHen I click Pack, is there a new Save-box coming up… I’m clueless and a loser, yes I know…

Thank you for your answer! :slight_smile:

See if this helps ;). Have you texture set to use on Texture tab?

Thank you, eppo! That helped me out so much! :smiley: Can I ask what you did?

May i ask then what did you not do :D?
This was your image and my example - i haven’t seen your file to tell the differences. However i suspect you might have unwrapped mesh on image but have not told renderer to use texture yet - go Texture tab from selected material and add new Image type texture, set mapping to be UVs and influence color. Just an assumption.

PS “is there a new Save-box coming up (?)” - i usually hit File - Save after pack. Just to be sure…

Oh, okei :eek: Yeah, that could be the case.

I thought you somehow managed to get my file… Don’t ask me how, my head is just a mess these days :smiley: hehe
Anyway, the link you posted helped alot, so I’m very thankful :smiley: