Textured cel-shading

I would like to preface this thread with a brief introduction.

I’ve been poking around with Blender for the past week in my spare time… I’ve been going through several tutorials, and I’m really enjoying the ease with which one can produce quite stunning 3d effects.

I have basic programming knowledge from my two year stint as a computer science major (java/c&c++/data structures/no python, but it’s fairly intuitive for someone with my grasp of object oriented programming experience).

I gave up CSC in lieu of a degree in Botany, but I’ve maintained an interest in programming. I’ve recently had an excess of spare time that I’ve wanted to devote to a creative outlet. I decided on creating silly little games that were visually “stunning” or unusual, and I’ve had a concept that I’d like to see come to fruition.

I’ve been going through most of the basic tutorials, but (by definition) they do not go into the detail that I would like for an all encompassing overview of the vast options that blender gives.

This is probably going to be a stupid quesiton, but I was wondering if it was possible to add a "bump map"esque overlay onto a cel-shader rendered model to create a type of living tapestry look. A “woven tapestry overlay” would perhaps be a better way of saying it.

The weave of the tapestry would change depending on the angle at which the view showed it giving the objects depth while still remaining a visually 2d appearance…

I understand if this makes absolutely no sense because I find it hard to truly express what I envision. I’m just not familiar enough with 3d modeling/texturing to conceptualize or plan out how to go about creating this specific effect.

Sorry for the wall of text. I blame this cursed party liquor (vodka)!

Also, kudos on this fantastic community you all having going on here. I hope to be a part of it for some time to come.