Textured draw mode renders full white objects

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the “textured” view draw mode. The frustrating thing is that yesterday it worked fine, but today any object that has a UV map renders as pure white.

I start a new scene, create a cube, go to edit mode, press ‘U’ -> Cube Projection to create a test object. Then, I create a new material with a simple Lambert shader and assign a texture to the color channel.

It shows fine in render preview, it works fine if I export the object into another 3D editor, but it will just render as a pure white object in Blender 3D view.

I am running Windows XP, and my graphics card is an ATI 4850 with Catalyst 9.1.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

have you added an image as a texture to the object or just one of the built in procedural textures to the material?

it’s a bit hard to understand at first - but you can either map an image to an object
or you can map the image to the material

texture mode will show your images you have mapped to the object (not the images you have mapped to the material)

shaded mode will show your procedural textures (built in clouds etc) but not your images

Right, if I do “Open Image” in UV/Image window, the texture shows up.

And “Shaded” mode apparently uses the material texture to assign color to vertices, but that does not make much sense if I am working with a low-poly object.

But how do I make material texture that is mapped to “Col” to be used as an object texture? I.e. if I change the material texture image, do I have to manually update object image in the UV/Image window to see if it is being mapped properly?

What drives me nuts is that yesterday I somehow achieved that, and I definetly wasn’t manually loading anything in the UV/Image window.

The object mapping and the material mapping are mutually exclusive

a preview render window might help you out
press shift P - and drag the window around the bit you want to look at

I have a similar problem. I am making a game. However, to make a building on the terrain I cannot add a cube because when you go inside there will be no texture. so I used a plane to make an " artificial " cube. using extrude region. But for some reason the walls on The outside that you are facing are transparent! what do I do?!