Textured faces seen through textured faces...

Hi, I have a little problem. I’m working on a fps-game, but began with making the level so I have somewhere to make my bots. However when texturing I found a problem which seems to come back in many places and not just there, seeing some textured faces through other faces. Though the faces that I see through aren’t turned the wrong way or anything, because if I just look at them with nothing behind everything’s just fine. I’ve even made an .exe file where you can spin around a balcony and yet with the same problem.

I would be very happy if anybody can find a sulotion to it. It might just be a stupid miss, but it’s rather frustrating.

check if the faces are set to opaque (alpha sorting bug)

Yea, i’ve noticed that if you used .png for textures, and possibly other formats that use alpha channels, that it auto sets the face to alpha, and setting it to opaque fixes the problem.

I use .jpg and it doesn’t work with opaque! :frowning: I’ve tried many ways…

Can you post a .blend?

Ive had this problem before too. I never came around to be able to fix it.

Here’s a test that I did. I know that I used alfa in it so somebody might think that it could be therefore, but it isn’t because it happens when I don’t use alfa textures too.


Balkongtest1.blend (154 KB)