textured lights BGE

another day another question

can i achieve a flashlight effect with a textured spotlight?

like here: http://wolfeyes.com.au/catalog/file/Wolf%20Eyes%20Sniper%20260%20Hunter.JPG

the light from a flashlight isnt a solid circle its more of a few stages of gradients, i have a png texture prepared in photoshop for it, but i cant get the texture to map to the light in BGE OR in blender internal rendering.

is it even possible to have a textured light in BGE? google wasnt helpful

EDIT got it to map in the render

I asked this same question a year or two ago… back in the 2.49 days. At that point I learned that this is not possible.
Some one though, did suggest placing some gack in front of the light to suggest that light ring.
Anyway… I hope I’m wrong and that there is a way.
Cuz it would be cool.

I “fixed it” by using 3 spotlights with different light-values and falloffs and one for shadow only. Needless to say its not really an elegant solution nor is it very resource-friendly.

Textured lights are actually more of a GLSL shader on top of what shaders are actually there. You’ll need to look into texture projection, and set that up to work along side the normal light, I think.

EDIT: Someone already did texture projection in the BGE - look for it.