Textured material doesn't render

I’ve successfully applied a wood texture to a part. It is visible in the 3D viewport (in Texture Mode).
However, when I Render the scene from the Render Panel, the texture doesn’t appear. I know I’m missing a simple setting, but try as I might, Im not correcting it. Could someone please check my .blend, and let me know what I’m missing. Can’t continue until I sort this.
Many thanks.Test1.blend (1.72 MB)

Just checked the blend and yeah it renders as a brown colour. From what I can see in the UV editor and the materials panel you have an image texture applied to it (side1)? When I try to view it in the UVE I cannot see it.

Make sure you have packed your .blend file…

Hi Falkbeard,
Thanks for your help. I’ve packed the blend file. (When I view the object in question in the UVE, I see the texture, Side1.png, correctly mapped on the UV). But I still don’t know why it won’t render…Test2.blend (1.88 MB)

It doesn’t render because you have deactivated texture rendering completely:

Thank you IkariShinji! That corrected it! My user error, thanks again.