Textured object do not render in game engine

Hi !

This is my first post here as I’m quite new to blender.

Over the week I’ve tested blender quite extensively using tutorials, blogs and forum posts to find the answers to my many questions. But there is one I can’t find on the web, and it’s about the game engine.
I’ve seen that texturing poses numerous problems to newbies (and I’m on of them) but I’ve checked everything in my scene and I still don’t have the slightest idea of what’s happening.

Simply said, the game engine do not render my textured objects.
It works fine with the blender renderer but when I switch to the game engine: nothing…
It’s not that the texture is not rendered. The whole object disappears.

First I thought it was a problem about embedding the texture file in the blender file ( the console told me that it couldn’t initiate the MaMaterial ) but now the file is loaded correctly, I think. ( the console don’t show any errors)

But still nothing on my screen.

In the attached blender file I put another ship beside and assign it a texture. The original one has no problem.
I also broke the link with the py script so it wont generate any errors.

Hope somebody has an idea on what the problem is.



Game test no py.blend (1.49 MB)

Ok, I finally found it.

I was playing with HUDs and I had not the problem there… so I began to check the differences between the meshes… It was the modifiers that prevented the object from rendering ! Bad modifiers, Bad ! :mad: ( no just kidding, love you, but you could go bug elsewhere, don’t you think ?)

A new 3d is like a new dog… you have to tame it; and you’ll still have some problems with it over the years…

Thanks anyway.