Textured Rendering Is not working right(PLS HELP)

Ok so I imported a model from this game called ROBLOX and when I did the hair wasnt the color it was the color it was in roblox(its not supposed to be that) Because it isnt supposed to be yellow until I do textured solid I think.

As you can see the rest of the body is grey(its supposed to be that way until I textured solid from what I know) But for some reason this is yellow which is the color it was in roblox(its supposed to be yellow when I textured solid)
If you go to this link there is another picture:

That is whats wrong with it, when you see it he has grey hair and like I said it is supposed to be yellow. But when I textured solid it turns grey. I have no idea why everything else but the hair is grey?!??!
Here is how it looked when it was still in roblox:

Everything is right in that but it seems to not work with how I usually render roblox objects(Everything is grey until I textured solid then it is all the right color.
So if you know anything on how to fix this and want to get more detailed information or such It would be MUCH appreciated thank you for your time a cooperation :slight_smile: !!!

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oh cool I just so happen to be making a game in roblox so I should be able to help you pretty good in this one

Cycles is different from Blender internal

I could type in everything you need to do from a to b but eh…

I think it’s better to just send you a link to a video I made… it’s not great or even… good and it’s littered with misinformation

But it will give you the information you need to do this so…


I know it’s god awful but hey, it works…