Textured Shading

Hi i’m new to blender, so this is probably a stupid question

I’m wanting to make a shader where the shaded areas are textured.

this may be more of a question on which material properties(y) effect(s) the shaded areas.

if i knew this i could add a texture node to that property, or perhaps setup two textures. 1 for the shadows and one for the blank area, then connect with a mix node.

i’m not really sure. if anyone has setup a texture like this i’d appreciate the help.

also if anyone knows of a good overview of the properties of a material/surface that would be a good plus

anybody wanna give it a good ol shot. a guess even. any leads would help greatly.

Hi there! Welcome to Blender!

For a good set of overviews which may help try the material section of the tutorials found here…


While i’m at it check out these links if you haven’t already…

The above link was once posted here I think http://www.blendernation.com/

That’s the official news page where a lot of cool blender things are collated hot off the press. Plus there are many links to tutorials there too.

I would also highly recommend for a these guys for a lot of high quality vid tuts…

Of course there are lots more too, but i’d make it a plan to sit down and watch a good few hours of those and then start experimenting. Within a week you’ll be flying!

Good times! :slight_smile: