Textured street that follows a spline

I would like to create a street that follows the shape of a spline. I know how to do this in POV-Ray, but I am a Blender newbie. Here’s what the street needs to look like roughly.


It was originally an Lego/LDraw model, but I don’t need as much detail as the original. I can omit the “internals” and individual bricks. I just need the basic exterior shape. E.g. the white areas, the yellow areas, the black areas, etc. Let me know if you don’t understand.

How do I create such a model? Can I plot each vertex of the mesh individually using a procedure? This is what I did in POV-Ray. Thanks!

first give it an array modifier, then give it a curve modifier.

Like Modron said, use a curve and an array modifier. The array modifier will produce the segments along a bezier curve and the curve modifier will allow the segments to follow the curve.

Could you show me the commands? I am very much a noob.

it’s all in the modifier panel on the right of your interface. click the button that looks like a wrench, and then browse the menu for the modifiers you need. each modifier will have it’s particular settings, which will need to be adjusted, and data entered. in the curve modifier, there will be a blank text field, where you can right click and select the curve you want the array to follow.

here’s an example blend…
curveroad.blend (487 KB)

btw, my example looks a bit chunky, but I subdivided it a couple of times and it’s much smoother now:

Is there a way I can enter in the curve points manually? My measurements have to be exact.

I’m not sure what you mean…the grab tool ( g ) is the standard way, but you can also use numerical input or snapping.

Okay thanks.

Last question: Can I export the finished road to other formats (like OBJ) after I have created it in Blender?