textureing a ball

Does anybody no how to map a image on to a ball so it doesn’t get messed up.

I’m trying to creature a realistic dodgeball for a movie.Any help would be great.

Any time you wrap a plane around a sphere it will get distorted.
So when you texture your ball, you have account for the distortion before you make the texture.

What kind of texture do you need?
Do you have an image?

Read the documentation - Please - it’s free and it will tell you exactly what you need to know. It is available at blender.org. There is no use in asking people to use their time telling you every simple function when it is clearly shown and easy to get yourself. If you had read the sticky threads, you’d have known where to go. If you read them and still posted rather than going to the information, well, you don’t deserve our time. If you will not expend the effort to get basic texturing instructions, then you shouldn’t expect others to do it for you.

A tad harsh? :o

no, never

but he could have posted a link, particularly a more direct one

documentation page on blender.org:

good blender user documentation

what he really wants to know is:

Go here…

The texture map correction for spherical texture mapping plugin.

You’ll find it in the Photoshop section.

Thanks for the links everyone and using your time to do it. http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v260/D-Ball/bump34.jpg
thats the texture i used for the ball.
thats what the ball looks like and the problem is when you get to the top of the ball the texture gets smaller and i dont want that. Anybody know how to make it look like a real dodgeball

Jeff_A which download are you talking about. Never mind i found it

Well, what you do is read the section in the manual that tells you…

You map to Glob (global) so that it will wrap around the model with no stretching, and Nor (normal) so that the shadows of the ridges will change with the light. Project as a cube, even though it’s a sphere. You’d understand if you read the manual. All of the controls are on the right in the material buttons (tabulated)

If a person does not deserve your time to help them they certainly do not deserve your time to be unhelpful or scathing.
Wishes he had a dime for every Blender newbie that has never returned here because of the attitude of a few people.
Hey if you don’t want to help then don’t respond at all.


Thanks shbaz it looks alot better
And I agree Elsdon I came here to get help and if you dont want to you dont have to and maybe i did read the manual but i just didnt realize what to do. I know I’m not perfect and i never will be.

Read the post directly above yours, wise one.

Now if only you could learn to be helpful without being an “*******” you might even turn out to be half human.

Wise One.

You need to learn to be helpful and work on not being an ass. %|

What have you said that was useful? I gave my opinion, and I gave facts. You’re trying too hard to pose as a moral guide when you should be answering questions.

Here’s a fact, you are an ass that would rather become involved in a pissing match than be helpfull.

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You are trying to map a square-based texture (texture is periodic, cell is square) onto a spherical surface, which is impossible.

Can we se a photo of the real object?

The correct mapping is Orco->Spherical (Doc says it) and needs a 2:1 ratio pre-distorted image


Here is a more likely fact… I answered his question, you did not.