textureing difficulties

hi everyone.
i’m makeing a complicated texture for a character and i can’t get it right when i can only see the UV map and i would rather paint directly onto the model which i’m guessing was the point of texture paint mode. but it’s incredably slow. i have turned of (or made invisable realy) all modfyers but it’s still realy slow. how can i speed it up enough to work in texture paint mode and paint directly onto the model?

It depends on your GPU, if it’s a low end GPU or an integrated graphics chip, then there’s not much you can do to speed up texture painting on high resolution textures.

If you have one more powerful than that and its slow, then you can try turning the GLSL viewing mode in the N-key panel to multi-texture and open your texture in the UV window to see it on the model (this is how things were done before GLSL was in Blender).

What also helps in many cases is if the texture is resized so that the horizontal and vertical size is a power of 2 (modern GPU’s can handle arbitrary sizes with ease, but older ones do not handle it near as well or simply do not support it)