textureing help

im having problem with textures and i bacly want to know how you make your own textures do you like take pictures of things for the textures or do you make them in your computers?

There are two general types of texture you can create. One type is digital image that you stick to surface. The image can be photograph or computer painted source. Second type is what is called procedural texture. Procedural is computer generated “fractal” patterns. In any case image is attached to the surface of 3D object by UV or different projection method.

ok but how would i go about creating my texture do i like take a picture and then modify it and add it or somthing?

maiking your own texture “hmm” well u can draw it with pencil then scan to your hard drive or u can take a picture and put it on your hard drive or u can create it on the puter using blender or an art program

so bacly take the picture of somtihng and then modify it on my comptuer right?

Save yourself some grief and start looking =“http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Main_Page”]here.

umm its a broken link…