Textureing objects...

How exactly do I apply textures to objects in Blender? I’m a noob who has been modelling in Wings and Anim8or and being able to import my .wings models into Blender is the whole reason I’m using it.
Some explanations would be very helpful.
Thanks in advancded. :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

have you read the documentation? It covers most basic aspects, but texturing is a fairly large catagory. First learn basic procedural texturing, using the built in textures, and then read my UV mapping tut.

I’ll look into your tut. Really I meant just applying the texture to the model, I couldn’t apply it because of the complex gui the program has, Inned just need some time to mess around with it.

I too, think it’s a good idea to look at the tutorials XD But being an ignorant newb (well I still am really) in my not-too-distant past,

BE CAREFUL and make sure you add meshes in object mode rather than Edit mode.


I don’t really add meshes because I import my models from Wings 3D and use things like the knife tool and stuff that isn’t in Wings, like animation and .X exportation.