Textureing Problems


Any ideas why the black won’t get textures? That’s all one object do theres no reason it shouldn’t.

My guess is the source of light, try moving it around, if those faces are always black independant of light angle on them, then there’s something really wrong about them, like wrong direction of normals, maybe you made it multimaterial and forgot to assign the correct material to those faces…

Well the light doesn’t do anything, just makes the blue parts-lighter!
since it’s all one object I textured it as one so I dont know what you mean by multimaterial.

Try putting a few more lights in your scene to get rid of any shadows, like place them to the sides of your model rather than just above.

If this doesn’t work, check the normals are all pointing in the right direction (select all faces in edit mode, press Ctrl+N, select “recalculate normals outside”).

If this doesn’t work then it depends how you textured your object. If you UV wrapped it then check that all faces are unwrapped and that your texture is mapped to UV in the “Map Input” panel. If you’re using blender multitexture materials then make sure that your texture is applied to all of the faces (select all faces in edit mode then in “Link and Materials” panel, check your material is selected by index then press the “assign” button).

There are just so many possible causes of this that I’ve found in my projects so far. Good luck in your experimenting. :wink:

Thanks, those are good ideas. i’ll try them later today.

Got it, thanks guys! :slight_smile: