Textureing the monkey head

Since I am not very strong with textureing I decided to try to uv map the monkey head and texture it with paint shop pro. Actual textureing i have yet to do but got most of the base coloring done and wanted to know what people think and what sugestions you might have. Here is what i have so far.

Image replaced as I make changes:


im getting a broken link…


Sory about that, yea seems it worked at frist but now is broken, im in the process of fixing it. Changed image host should work ok now.

You’re on the right track. Did you use LSCM? It seems like your methods worked, just keep working at it.

Honestly, sometimes IMO it’s better to not post so early and try to learn things yourself before you get crits/comments. This promotes a better thought process as you learn to teach yourself without having to rely on others.

So, like I said, just keep working at it and good job so far.

Thanks, Yes im useing LSCM, tryed to make my cuts behind the face and ears. And thanks for the tip i will remember that for next time. I started the actual textureing of the hair last night, seems to work nice now that i have some textureing im running into the blending problem at the seams.

Ill keep working at it and make a post later on with new images