Texturepaint error (or texturepaintterror)

I get strange artifacts when using texturepaint. I get this cool, but totally unwanted pattern while trying to paint a camouflage pattern on my J28 Vampire.

When I zoom in the paint is covering quite well, but the more I zoom out, the more the grid pattern appear. Also note that in the resulting texture there are lines crisscrossing the texture area.
I was going to project an image on to the model using texture paint, but that resulted in just general wierdness.
Anyone else having this problem? I have used texture paint on other models, so I know it is not totally broken, and to be honest, it might just be my modelling skills that are broken.

But is it fixable, and how?


check for 3 things: doubles, weird n-gons, and normals. to check for doubles, select all in edit mode, with the A key, and on the toolshelf, click ‘remove doubles’. for normals, select all or a piece of your mesh, and hit ‘ctrl N’ ( recalculate normals outside ). For weird N-gons, a visual inspection is the only way I know of.

Thanks for your reply
The normals are ok, and I had checked for doubles. The mesh is all quads… I did find a solution however. I disabled the subdivision and edge split modifiers… then it worked.
Could be a good thing to know…