Textures and Materials

-How do you put different Textures/Materials on a single face of a mesh? Like for example:on one side there is this soil texture then on the other a grass texture. Both of Which are images.

I assume by Face you mean plane and not polygon (it’s usual meaning in 3D modeling). It took me a while to get my head around material in blender. It’s best to think that faces don’t have materials, they have Material Indexes, and the Material Index has the Material. Select the faces (polys) you want to have grass, and create a new Material Index in the Links and Materials panel of the editing context. Click the Assign button to assign that material index to those faces. Select the faces you want for soil, create a new material index, and assign that material index to those faces.

Now (best to keep two buttons windows open, one for the editing context/Links and Materials panel and the other for the Materials context) with the first material index selected in Links and Materials, go to Materials context, add a new Material and a new Texture, go to Texture sub-context and add the right image. Then back in Editing context select the other material index, then back to Materials context and add a new material and texture, then in Texture sub-context add image to that. I’ve omitted some details here because there’s lots of reference around. I just found not realizing that you need to stay in charge of the Material Index (because blender takes over if you don’t keep an eye on it) is the major cause of grief when dealing with materials. Also, you don’t want both material indexes to have the same material, because editing it for one will also change it for the other.