Textures and memory usage

I am a proud user of version 2.59 and so far I am pretty happy. I have embarked on a large project and to make it all work in the end I’m trying to keep the memory usage within reason. I’ve nailed down the poly count but one thing that isn’t really clear is the following: when I create a texture, say a brick colour map, and use that in two or three materials, will Blender load the map into memory just once load it separately for every material which uses this map?

This is possibly a silly question but I am reasonably new to Blender and still finding my feet in places… Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

i believe it loads it just once but it would be better to use the same material more than once.

Thank you for your quick reply but it seems to me that instead of using one material and making things look boring, it would be an option to make several materials that use already existing textures in different ways …