Textures and particles grumble

I’ve posted a question regarding this before but no one has yet been able to explain to me why certain material IPOs work based on the life span of the particles the material is assigned to (where 0 to 100 frames represents the particles life span), yet others work based on the actual setting at each frame as in normal IPOs.

For instance, the alpha channel works based on the life span of the particle, meaning if you have the alpha set to 0 at frame 1, and set to 1 at frame 100, then on any given rendered frame you would see the particles will be invisible at their point of emission and be fully visible just before they die and fade from invisible to fully visible along their emitted path.

But the texture size channels (X,Y and Z) work based on the setting they are at each frame, meaning if you have all three texture size channels set to 0 at frame one and then set them at size 1 at frame 100, you don’t get a rendered result of some tiny sized particles at the start of their path growing to larger ones at the other end, you just get a string of whatever sized particles (all the same size) depending on which frame you have rendered.

I would dearly love to be able to make the texture size channels do what the alpha channel does as this is just what my waterfall spray needs. ( I posted the same question when I was doing my fire some time back) If anyone knows a way please tell me.

I posted a reply about texture size space, after reading your post more carefully, I realized you are dealing with particles. I don’t know if this also applies to particles.

From the Blender Wiki
sizeX, sizeY, sizeZ - Size The scale of the texture space. Enlarging the texture space will make the apparent texture scale smaller.

Just tested, yes this does apply to dupliverted particles too.


Yeah, your right. I did get that backwards but the problem still remains.

So what exactly are you trying to do? You can scale the texture over time to go from large to tiny, or the inverse, and the alpha channel wouldn’t be animated anyway as it should be at “o” for your texture to display correctly. If you want to fade the resulting image there’s the compositer or sequencer. what don’t I get?